Personally, my marriage has been transformed through these Bible studies. I’ve always had a good marriage, but now it is a GREAT marriage: God-centered and Christ-focused. Thank you!

Gospel Moments (16): How Are You Doing?

  How are you doing? Where are your thoughts? Does your heart become heavy and overcome with sadness? Are you overwhelmed with your weaknesses, sins, and failures? We all are […]

Gospel Moments (15): Christ’s Love for Us

Can you still see and feel the remaining sin in your heart? The willfulness, rebellion, disobedience, unbelief, selfishness, greed, pride, fear, anger and more? Sin hurts and causes so much […]

Gospel Moments (14): Man’s Rebellion (Part Two)

We once lived in darkness, at enmity with God, rebellious, disobedient, unloving at our core. We were dead in our  trespasses and  sins. For the wages of sin is death. […]