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Who I Am in Christ

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I had been in Bible study for at least 15 years and had come to a point where I was doing the homework, but wondered “Is this all there is?” I was still struggling with the same things and didn’t know how to change. But once I got into the Thistlebend Discipleship Studies, I learned to apply the truth of God’s Word and live in the power of Christ!
My life, most importantly my relationship with the Lord, has been turned around! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
When I began the Thistlebend discipleship studies, the Lord began to slowly and gently teach me that the “things” I struggled with were sins…I can now sense the battle. I can identify the sin that the flesh so desperately desires and the righteousness that the Spirit desires and supplies. I am thankful I can now call rebellion what it is –sin. And I can now call obedience what it is – Christ in me. To God alone be the glory; great things He has done and continues to do!
Personally, my marriage has been transformed through these Bible studies. I’ve always had a good marriage, but now it is a GREAT marriage: God-centered and Christ-focused. Thank you!
I have been a believer for years and taken many Bible studies, but I have never studied the Bible and come to know Christ as I have these past few months. I have had personal struggles with anger and with my husband, and each week the message hit home and helped me.
…when I took this study it felt as if the Lord was literally pouring Himself into the deepest parts of my heart that no one else knew. He touched everything that I had ever wondered about, feared, cried over, longed for, failed at or dreamed of.
These studies have shown me how to apply God’s word to my life, my family and my home. I feel as though they are affecting my home and family for generations to come, and I am so excited for the changes. I was also a facilitator this past year and have been overwhelmed at how God is saving marriages and families through these studies – it’s almost unbelievable what He has done!

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